Lux* Hotel – Lux 丽世酒店

  • Chengdu, China
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Lux* Hotel, Chengdu Shi, Chine

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Grand hotels are our cities’ lounges, with their generous open lobbies, and their ballrooms and spacious restaurants. They symbolise the welcoming of a neighbourhood, a town, region or country.


Lux* Hotel will be the lounge of LuxeLakes, Chengdu. Ideally located in the heart of this new part of town, it will welcome visitors from the neighbourhood, and from Chengdu and beyond, into its large, fully glazed spaces overlooking the water to the north and west, and the wooded park to the east.


Lux* Hotel will be the urban heart of LuxeLakes, at the crossroads of the public walkways that will set out north from the amazing cultural centre designed by Antoine Predock and run past the future music bar, before extending along the waterfront, then heading south to the future retail developments and beyond, the future ‘water town’.


From its spacious lounges, at any time of the day or night, you’ll be able to contemplate the lake and garden, get something to eat, stroll around, or just sit back and relax. In the daytime, the place will be awash with light, facing the lake and the LuxeLakes centre. At night, it will be surrounded by the city lights and shimmering trees. Visitors will also be able to get together in the spa, right at the water’s edge, or in the indoor-outdoor swimming pool, or the various spaces dedicated to body culture. People will come here to have a drink in the rooftop bar and to gaze out over the panorama of the city from the bar’s outdoor public terrace.


The city’s smartest weddings will also be held here, by the water, in the spacious glass-walled function rooms located northside, with the ceremonies making the most of the close proximity of the park to welcome newlyweds. The park will be notable for the density of its trees and its contoured surface, providing a contrast with the water and protection from traffic noise.


Grand hotels are those that lodge firmly in our minds as unique and exclusive places that we remember and that make us want to return. We need to move on from repetition of the international codes of hotels that all look the same the world over – soulless and instantly forgettable.


Lux* Hotel will lay claim to a high degree of distinctiveness and to being firmly rooted in a place and a culture.

Lux* Hotel will surprise its visitors…


Thanks to the pleasure of being on the water. Lux* Hotel will be a hotel on a lake. It will be part of the water, reflected in it. Like an island, surrounded by water and vegetation. You will reach it by boat, docking along wooden platforms that will look as though they’re floating on the water. Most of the guestrooms will open straight on to the water. Some of them will have a private balcony overlooking the water. Water and reflections will be palpable everywhere…


Thanks to the pleasure of being surrounded by greenery on all sides, with the large tree-filled public park to the east and, to the west, tall trees planted in the water, filtering the views.


Thanks to its majesty and mass, and its deep, wide balconies, running alongside the water and slightly staggered in relation to each other, forming a pattern both rhythmic and graphic.


Thanks to its relationship with time. Lux* Hotel will look as if it’s always been there. Before everything else. Time will seem to have passed it by, passed by its mono-material, made up of heavy wood and metal; passed by its floors, by its dark wood ceilings and its black ironwork. Its capacious inclined balconies will bear witness to long-ago movement, now stilled. Lux* Hotel will invite repose.


Thanks to the presence of art. Lux* Hotel will be a museum as well as a hotel. It will call on artists of renown, selected according to whatever spirit we wish to impart to the place. Art will appear over the great painted ceilings, coloured tattoos overhanging the vast lounges and inviting themselves into the guestrooms as well. Each area will be like a museum room  and an artist’s collection room combined, overall creating the desire to come back again and again….


Thanks to its exceptional outdoor swimming pool, which will be an extension of the lake bordered by scenery.


Thanks to the generosity of its guestrooms, each of which will have a fully glazed 6-metre-wide façade, stretching across a private balcony, and cover an open 6mX6m space.


Thanks to the comfort and luxury of its guestrooms, with their spacious bathrooms, jacuzzis and perfectly integrated amenities, as well as their comfortable furniture – it, too, inviting you to unwind.


Because each room here will be unique, each decorated with a carefully curated artistic theme.


True luxury will make itself felt through simplicity, scale, and the relationship with nature and light.


With its vast 15-metre-high floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the northwest corner; with its great cantilevers boldly overhanging the lake and, on the southern side, marking the way to ‘water town’; and with its huge public rooftop terrace…


Lux* Hotel will become a destination and, we can’t help but think, the icon of LuxeLakes.




Jean Nouvel













惊喜来自于她大量的艺术存在。丽世*酒店如同一个博物馆。根据要赋予的场所精神,我们将会邀请和挑选著名的艺术家对彩绘天花进行艺术创作。这些色彩纷呈的作品将会漂浮于各个公共空间之上,也会漂浮在每个房间中。一个个空间就像博物馆的一间间展室,收藏艺术家以 “渴望”为 主题的系列作品,表现对“来到”和“再来”的渴望。


惊喜来自于她的客房,6.50米宽的落地幕墙使客房与宽阔的私人露台内外呼应,展现室内 6米乘6米连续空间的大气慷慨。




奢华也将被其西北角15米通高玻璃幕墙所体现,也将体现在该角部的巨大临湖飞挑,也将体现在南部飘逸的悬臂,那里是去往“水镇” 的渡口,也将体现在向每个人开放的天景平台……