CEVA stations

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Gares CEVA
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The precision of the blurredness and the evanescent


It is about giving a territory an identity.
A shared territory. Dynamic.
It is about a desire for clarity, for sharpness – hence for the relationship between light and material – for the simplicity of a structure characterizes the act of passing through urban and natural landscapes.
The line will be composed of both natural and architectural materials. Plant species, aligned cedars, and tall, free-growing plants will designate the points of emergence from underground of the new line in Geneva.
Immense glass blocks will constitute the walls, roofs, and terraces of the stations.
The geometry is elementary, absolutely simple.
What is important is what we will read, what we will see through the texture of the glass, which will pixelize, diffract, and recompose the moving images of passengers and trains, of advertising posters, signs and lighting fixtures that populate train stations.
The light that will be very different by day and by night. It will be a poetic questioning on the theme of departure, arrival and the flow of strangers.
The trains pass, arrive, and depart, rhythmically. This simple fact will be made public to people of the city by a red light that accompanies the train, arrives with it, stops with it, and disappears with it in a rhythm that will quickly be familiar to all and become associated with the respiration of Geneva.


Jean Nouvel