New Police Headquarters + extension of “Charleroi Danses”

  • Charleroi, Belgium
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Jean Nouvel and the mayor of Charleroi, Mr Paul Magnette, inaugurated November 14, 2014 the new Police Headquarters of the City of Charleroi designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and MDW architecture. This project was chosen in 2011 as the result of an international competition. Its goal is to create an pleasant image of the police while giving the city a new urban landmark. The basis of the work led to keeping and restoring the two wings of the existing old cavalry barracks and building a 75 meters high Tower on the site that was freed. This building merges into the urban landscape of the upper city and creates a dialogue with the City Hall belfry, becoming a new symbol on the city skyline. This verticality made it possible to create a wide public square open to the city.


The users of the Police Headquarters and of Charleroi Danses and the visitors to the future Musée des Beaux Arts will increase the surprising diversity of the area in their comings and goings; they will meet in the new public square and eat in the new brasserie where police and dance will encounter each other.