Kilometro Rosso – Science and Technology Park

  • Bergamo, Italy
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The Red Kilometer

If Brembo Corporation decided to build its research offices and workshop facility in Bergamo alongside the Milan-Venice expressway it was because this prestigious Italian maker of brakes for luxury and competition automobiles and motorcycles wanted to be seen! Brembo is also developing other commercial and hotel activities on the site.
A vibrant red line, one kilometer long and lying parallel to the highway, gives this commercial-industrial ensemble a strong identity. In addition to reflecting Brembo’s industrial image, the gleaming red wall of grooved, lacquered aluminium acts as a sound barrier, permitting behind it the development of a park like typology of buildings with planted green spaces and wide views over the landscape. The kilometer-long red screen is built over a kilometer-long parking podium that is also… red.



Jean Nouvel