Archipel Theater

  • Perpignan, France
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The theatre makes



The theatre makes all the difference

The theatre makes the landscape with its wired pergolas and its umbrella pines that have always been there and will always be there

The theatre makes perspectives by stopping them before they destroy each other

Being transversal, the theatre captures the scenery, captures views from the historic town only sequentially

The theatre makes the skyline from the outskirts of town, standing like a question about history

The theatre makes a locale, one that’s been started but that we don’t really know how to finish…


But more than anything else


The theatre makes for the attraction, for encounters, makes a junction

The theatre expresses contradictions… just for the sake of it, and, like Sisyphus, never stops trying to resolve them

The theatre makes no secret of its experience, of its love of tradition, of its love of the vernacular

The theatre makes all the difference through different faces, different attitudes, different walks of life

The theatre continues to make Perpignan, and Catalonia, through its colours and positions

The theatre makes for encounters with different cultures and with the passing years.



Jean Nouvel