Amwaj Bouregreg

  • Salé, Morocco
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In the Heart of History

Between the sister cities of Rabat and Salé, in the floodplain of the valley of the Bou Regreg River, a site of 140 ha is planned to extend the capital with a high density of mixed programs. In order to preserve the integrity of the valley, of its cliffs, and in order not to oppose any competition to the dominant bordering monuments we have elaborated two strategies. On the Rabat side, making a horizontal city of low height but high density. On the Salé side, constructing buildings that cultivate the absence and ambiguity with the valley cliffs by their shape, materials and by the vegetation that covers them.


This new neighborhood will be characterized by the massive infiltration of the valley vegetation, the use of the fifth façade as terraces giving everybody a sense of living in the heart of history and by the reinterpretation of the style and the architecture of Rabat.