Hainan Atlantis 海南 亚特兰蒂斯度假酒店

  • Sanya, Hainan, China
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Feeling the Sea


It’s a matter of simply, evidently, building the most beautiful hotel of our time, dedicated to leisure, the sun, the sea, while offering a new interpretation of the Atlantis theme: the mysteries linked to the sea, to reclaimed secrets and to the fauna of mythology.

To succeed in this challenge, it is essential in Hainan to stand out from the neighboring  hotels by clearly using our first asset: a site much wider than the others, at the center of the district of beaches area and hotels. We have the means to clearly dominate this site in its center, by implementing an architecture of the largest scale, legible from a distance, the most monumental, the most inscribed in the sky. This architecture must express that it is dedicated to the sea and conceived to feel the sea, and this from the lobby to the room, including the restaurants, the conference center and the night clubs.


100% of the rooms have a full view on the sea. A panoramic view 10 meters wide. The room is characterized by a large permanent loggia that can close in bad weather, and wide sliding windows that can open the length of the room.

The facade of Atlantis on the sea is on the scale of a 170 meter high glass cliff, crowned by a landscaped deck with pools, restaurants and panoramic night clubs.

The base of this cliff sinks into the sand and, for the first 20 meters, hosts highly differentiated restaurants, also panoramic and open onto the sea.

The water park is a landscape. The topography is designed to enable long perspectives on the sea. Perfectly sunny, it is in direct link with the beach and the wooded public park located to the south. It is a real landscape-territory conceived to be seen from the rooms and arouse the desire to visit it, from the arrival, from the beach, but also from the neighboring hotels.


Feeling the sea, this is also the theme of the scenography implemented for the aquarium.

In the main tank, the sensations sought are those of limitlessness, water depth, lights coming from water surface. This aesthetic relies on blurriness, on light and on shadows.

We have already studied a large aquarium for an Atlantis program that will never be realized. We are convinced that today’s program is an amazing opportunity to apply this research. It is an ambition worth the landmark of Haitang Bay.


The same applies to all the evocations on the ceilings and on the walls of the retail areas linked to leisure activities, to the restaurants and boutiques. The themes are from the marine world; suspensions evoking algae, sea-shells, shellfish, corals complete and renew this Atlantis theme: feeling the sea. The décor is popular, spectacular, and highly attractive.


The entrance facade, a large grid of 150 meters high by over 400 meters long, blue, gold and silver, integrates marine dragon themes on a hard-to-imagine scale. It is impressive, prestigious, and makes sense for a Chinese Atlantis.

The sea facade, under the sun, reflects sky and sea. At night, it evokes a sunset over the sea. The ceilings of the rooms are pasted images, evocations of the chosen theme. The randomopening-closing of the sliding panels, ofa 3 meter by 3 meter dimension, reveals the colors or hides them behind reflections. Thus the glass cliff’s texture and color changes every moment.

What we are proposing has no equivalent. It is a sensorial and architectural event.We must prove that it works, regarding access distances and technical and financial feasibility. We have sensibly the same distances as Dubaï from the check-in until the main elevators. We have 20 meters more in corridor length at the extremities but we then arrive onto garden passageways in a “piranesian” space made of overhangsand of views and shadow effects through the façade grilles.

The rooms have direct access to the pools, to the restaurants, to the games, to the shops… Technically, the only question that is asked is how to make a hyper-efficient  high rise building. The one we propose is ultrarepetitive and rational, the implementation and production savings are enormous. We will develop this idea further on February 18th.


We want to, and know how to, conceive the leisure hotel that the whole world will want to experience.


If we have this ambition it is for you, for Atlantis.



Jean Nouvel












滨海立面沐浴在阳光下,反射着天空与海洋。傍晚时分,更映射出海上落日的景象。客房天花板是精心选择的拼贴图案。3×3米的落地窗随机开关,使人时而看到彩色天花,时而看到窗上的镜面反射。整个“玻璃峭壁” 也随时间不断变幻着材质和色彩。

这一提案无与伦比。它是一场建筑与感官的盛宴。接下来则需证明其可行性,这包括到达距离及其在技术、经济层面的现实性。我们的方案与迪拜亚特兰蒂斯酒店相比,在入住登记和客服电梯之间具有几乎相等的距离。到达走廊尽头的房间虽多出27米,但在这一过程中,人们将经过一个花园式走廊,一个 “皮拉内西”空间,感受空间的交错和多样的视角,以及通过丝网立面透射进的光影变化。