ING Foncière Housing

  • Bordeaux, France
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A positive change of scenery


The choice of an apartment should be an immediate attraction, a desire, the start of a self-told story. In order this to be the case, a surprise, a seduction, a difference are needed. You have to be convinced that today you won’t find anything equivalent on the “market”.


In order to make the choice of moving into a district which is not traditional and bourgeois, under renovation, it is necessary that the building should be well served by public transport: tramway, bus, train lines. It is the case for the selected sites for our projects on the Bordeaux area. But it is also necessary that the environment around the building should have character. In this way, Cernon is situated in the pine forest, Amagnac opens up onto a public garden, Lormont overlooks the river Garonne and the Pont d’Aquitaine… The microclimate is always positive and typical of the apartment is connected with the landscape. The apartment itself is modern, in the image of the years 2000: spacious but concerned with the maintenance and heating charges. A generation of sustainable development: accurate selection of materials, water processing, solar panels, and use of sun radiance, the glass roofs… Modern and specific. You have to live somewhere: long interior perspectives, opened living-rooms overlooking two landscapes, winter gardens, framing of the most characterized views…


A sense of exception arises by gathering into one apartment the essentials of these advantages. An exception which stirs one’s decision to live here rather somewhere else.



Jean Nouvel