Redevelopment of “Les Halles de Paris”

  • Paris, France
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Continuity and Harmony


The neighborhood of Les Halles will once again find its dignity and will assert its vocation as one important neighborhood of the centre of Paris. It will carry the image and the myth of the capital in continuity and harmony with the history of Paris, and it will reconciliate the natural life of the centre of Paris with the happiness of its inhabitants.


It will improve the day to day life of those that live in Les Halles by offering new spaces for their enjoyment as well as for their needs, guaranteeing their tranquility, their comfort and their security through the clarity of definition of the streets, squares and gardens.


The existing garden, too disorderly, will be replaced by a garden with a clarity inherited from the great traditions of the archetypal Paris gardens: Palais Royal, Tuileries… This clarity will allow the garden to open to the adjacent streets and squares.



Jean Nouvel