Philharmonie Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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A place of emotion

Listening to is being transported, is letting oneself be overwhelmed with emotion; one prefers travelling, vibrating in a place full of history of meaning and sensibility; a place that one does not forget, simply because it brings emotion into real life, because it connects time with space.


We have the ambition to build a place of memory and emotion, a place made of certainty and uncertainty, of evocations and mysteries. Nevertheless, the first question to be asked is the one of meaning of the place: why this auditorium is to be constructed here, in the European quarter, in the city of Luxembourg. We suggest to lay the foundations for a dynamic coexistence between the European and cultural buildings but between the historical city and its new development too.


We suggest that the auditorium testifies of the conscience of being here, here and now, in Luxembourg, in the year 2000. It first of all means using the points of references and identification at our disposal; in both following meanings: from the historical city towards the site and from the site towards the historical city. From the valley the auditorium must be seen and recognized on the skyline, enigmatic and penetrated by an unknown light. From the site it must be able to see the city, the old city and its landscape. That is why the auditorium is built, in regard with the relief, on the discovery line of the city. To go to the concert the music lover can enjoy the view over the city since the access to the rooms is to be made through interior terraces, escalators and foyers arranged strategically. The auditorium is thus a belvedere with a natural summer extension, a long terrace opened onto the inhabited valley.



Jean Nouvel