Three Housing Towers

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
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This project deals with the construction of three housing towers in Rotterdam, on the banks of the Meuse not far from Het Park. To avoid interference with the existing underground networks, the architect chose to place his buildings partly over the river. The three towers are of an equal height of forty floors and are set like silos over a garage with 170 bays. Stability isensured by a cylindrical concrete envelope clad in lacquered aluminium. On the quayside, the cylinders are set on six braced metal pillars anchored to cylindrical foundations of reinforced concrete, which pass through the two basement levels of the garages and cellars.


Single-level apartments each occupy one floor, with living rooms opening onto a panoramic view over the river. Split-level apartments are of the “ascending” and “descending” type: night spaces occupy intermediary levels between two full levels where the day-living rooms are to be found.





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