Start Museum 星美术馆

  • Shanghai, China
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The start museum takes the renovation of the original historical building as the core of the design, integrating the surrounding landscape, aiming to create a brand new culture-leisure space for the citizens, which will surely become a unique cultural high light of the “West-Bond Culture Corridor”.


The design philosophy, which relies on the original building, based on the function of a museum, meanwhile maintains the original Nanpu railway station 18-line warehouse layout and the historical railway and train carriage, is to reconstruct the history of the site.


The museum takes art museum and its auxiliary functions as basic, combing bookstore, rest space and other leisure functions which is open to the public. Under the requirements of keeping the original building area (approx. 1777 sqm) and height (12 m), AJN creates a unique display space with full public participation: the large roof top platforms, which display art pieces, are architectural forms that corresponds to the industrial spirit of the site. The art pieces on the platform not only lights up the atmosphere of whole west bond, but also represents the most direct inseparable image of art and culture of West Bond to the river and neighborhoods, which creates the most direct dialogue between art and civic life.


The unique display type of Start Museum is a supplement to its art community, a classic exhibition space with extremely high degree of identification.



美术馆基本以展览及其相关功能为主,同时结合书店、休息空间和其它一些面向公众开放的休闲功能。在保持原建筑面积(约1 7 7 7平方米)和原有高度(1 2米)的要求下,我们设计了一个独特的、与公众互动的展览空间: 展示艺术品的屋顶大平台是符合场地工业精神的建筑形式。平台上的艺术作品不仅点亮了整个西岸的艺术氛围,也直接表达出西岸地区以艺术和建筑主题,同黄浦江和邻里空间形成了关系紧密的城市形象,这艺术和市民生活之间创造了最为直接的对话。